Dolly Parton Wildest Dreams Mp3

Dolly Parton - Wildest Dreams Lyric

Let's drink a toast to what might have been
To all that we were, but can't be again
And let's just be thankful we parted as friends
Here's to the past, let the future begin

Oh, and here's to you wildest dreams
And here's to your everything
May your life be blessed with sweet happiness
Baby, here's to your wildest dreams

I made a promise that I wouldn't cry
You go chase your rainbows, go on reach for the sky
But come hold me close now, look deep in my eyes
Tell me you love me, then kiss me goodbye

Repeat Chorus

I'll always love you and I'm on your side
In whatever you do, I will take pride

Repeat Chorus


Baby, here's to your wildest dreams
Dreams, dream on, baby

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